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Repairing Damaged Hair

After last weeks post about split ends and breakage the question was asked..."How can I repair my damaged hair?". Well, the answer used to be "you can't". Damaged hair was only ever going to be damaged hair and there was nothing we could do or use to repair it. Several shampoos, products, even color lines claim to repair and restore damaged hair. It simply wasn't true. Deep conditioners do help to replenish your strands with moisture, but do not repair anything. Times have changed, and in 2014 Olaplex hit the shelves of our distribution stores. Olaplex turned our "you can't"'s into a "we can"!

Olaplex is a three step patented process that works to repair damaged disulfide bonds in the hair. These broken bonds are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. As stylists, we can do individual Olaplex treatments and add the solution to any chemical services for our clients which lowers the risk of damage during these processes.

Contact us at any time to find out more about one of our favorite services!

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